How to Do Meditation, the Basics of Deeper Meditation and the Three Benefits of Meditation.

What is meditation? Generally speaking, meditation is about relaxing the body and mind by calming the mind and becoming detached. Historically, meditation has been understood as a mystical practice for quieting the mind and praying to the gods in religious practice, or as a way to communicate with the divine, to become one with the divine, or to gain some other extraordinary experience. In recent years, however, the benefits of meditation have been studied and it has begun to be recognized as something that even ordinary people can incorporate into their daily lives. At first, it was mainly practiced by intellectuals and celebrities, but now even companies are actively promoting meditation, and the number of practitioners has increased to more than 500 million people. In this article, we would like to introduce the basics of meditation and the benefits of […]

What is Zenjyou and its relationship to wisdom

What zenjyo Zenjyo ( Zen meditation ) refers to meditation in which the mind is quieted and focused on a single object. It is a term used in the Buddhist world and is considered a form of ascetic practice. It is called by ZEN as a universal language. Stages of Zen meditation There are three main groups of stages of zen meditation according to the progress of one’s practice. There are three main groups, which can be further subdivided into nine stages in total. Stages of the color world The color world is the first of the three groups of Zen meditation. The first four of the nine stages are classified here. This is also called the “four zen color worlds. First, there are two major things that must be cleared before entering the color world stage. The first is […]

14 Foundations and Basics of the Analects and Quotations from the Analects

What is the Analects? The Analects is a book containing sayings and deeds by Confucius, a thinker of the Chinese Spring and Autumn period, and his disciples, and is considered the scripture of Confucianism initiated by Confucius. It is the most read book in Chinese history and is also known as one of the “Four Books” (Analects, University, moderation and Mencius) in the Zhu Zi school founded in the Southern Song dynasty. There are many hints for deciphering life’s doubts and worries, as well as many proverbs derived from the Analects that are still handed down today, and we will introduce the basics and a collection of quotations from the Analects in this issue. What was Confucius like? Confucius was born in Lu around 550 BC and died in 479 BC. He was an ancient Chinese thinker, philosopher, and founder […]